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Pulpmill    Services,    Inc.    (PSI)    primary    business    is    the    manufacturing,    installation,    repair,    and    refurbishing    of    pulp    mill    equipment, diversifying   into   industrial   general   construction   including   concrete,   structural   steel,   piping,   and   mechanical   projects.     The   principles   of   PSI founded   the   company   over   16   years   ago   after   investing   more   than   25   years   in   industrial   fabrication,   construction,   and   maintenance.     Soon   after   PSI   formed   a   construction   company   specializing   in   the   paper   industry   and   other   heavy   site   projects.      Since   then,   we   have   had the good fortune to experience continued growth in both the scope and breath of our operations. The   members   of   our   senior   staff   have   over   300   years   of   combined   experience   servicing   the   needs   of   the   pulp,   paper,   and   wood   products industries.      In   the   past   year   our   team   averaged   over   185   employees   and   completed   over   900   projects   in   every   state   throughout   the southeastern      United      States,      including;      Texas, Oklahoma,    Kentucky,    Virginia,    Ohio,    and    Wisconsin.      These    projects    included    engineering,    fabrication, machining,   construction,   and   rebuilding.      Our   teams   are designed   to   meet   or   exceed   proposed   project   needs comprising   of;   AWS-CWI   certified   QA   and   four   team members   trained   in   liquid   penetrant   testing   level   I   & II,    alloy    welders,    machinist,    pipefitters,    millwrights, riggers,   carpenters,   and   concrete   workers.      PSI   also provides    on-site    crews    for    scheduled    or    emergency shutdowns    and    outages    for    repairs,    maintenance, and     installations     for     any     industry     requiring     these services.      Our   experience   and   knowledge   base   easily   allows   us   to   diversify   into   other   industries   for   example,   we   were   one   of   the   key contractors   involved   in   the   construction   of   a   sweet   potato   processing   plant   for   ConAgra   in   Delhi,   Louisiana   and   American   Midstream   a energy transmission company, as well as the installation of continuous lumber kilns for the sawmill industry. PSI   continues   to   invest   in   the   resources   necessary   to   capitalize   on   the   strategic   partnerships   we   have   earned.      Those   investments include   the   installation   of   a   10’   x   20’   five   axis   water   jet   cutting   table   and   a   10”x20”   high   definition   plasma   cutting   table.      In   2017   year   we acquired   XYZ   Systems   a   broad   based   CNC   machining   company.      Last   year   we   completed   the   expansion   of   our   80’   x   100’   machine   shop along   with   investing   in   additional   CNC   equipment   that   will   vastly   expand   our   capabilities   becoming   the   most   advanced   fabrication   shop   in North   Louisiana.      This   will   also   allow   PSI   to   dramatically   expand   its   foot   print   in   the   paper   industry   and   other   industries   requiring   large machine parts. We   are   committed   to   safety   and   high   quality   achieving   multiple   safety   awards.      This   commitment   has   allowed   us   to   maintain   high   ratings with multiple agencies like ISNETworld.  We   are   also   committed   to   continuing   education   both   in-house   and   by   contracting   the   services   of   Reliability   Solutions   to   provide   precision maintenance training for all of our mechanical team members
Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation Safest 70 Award Winners: 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018 EMR as of January 2019 .79
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