Pulpmill Services, Inc.
Vacuum Washer Experts

Company Capabilities

Specialty Manufacturing: PSI is a manufacturer of pulp washing systems for Andritz International, a leader in paper mill products and services.  We also provide installation services and/or consulting management of installations and repairs, as well as field crews for system repairs and refurbishing. Industrial Fabrication / Piping: PSI in house capabilities allows us to fabricate anything from the simple to the complex regardless of the metallurgies.  These capabilities also apply to piping, metal and non-metal, and high pressure and steam. Equipment / Machinery Installation: PSI has decades of experience installing and setting many types of industrial equipment and machinery including laser alignment, grouting and leveling.  Whether it be one unit or an entire process system, PSI has the knowledge and experience to address your project needs. CNC Machining, Water Jet Cutting and High Definition Plasma Over the past 2 years PSI added CNC machinging to its capabilities and with the added investment in additional equipment PSI now has the largest CNC shop in Northeast Louisiana.  When this is added to our 10’ x 20’ 5 axis water jet, and 10’ x 20’ high definition plasma table PSI’s metal forming capabilites can meet and exceed any metal forming needs. Steel Erection and Rigging: Our ability to fabricate, erect, and repair structural steel broadens our capabilities.  These services require a working knowledge of rigging, weight loads, and heavy equipment capabilities.  This aids us in dismantling structures or equipment to be replaced or removed. Commercial Construction: Although known primarily as a heavy industrial manufacturing and production company, PSI’s capabilities can also be applied to almost any commercial project, from simple metal buildings to complex multi-level structures. 
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