Pulpmill Services, Inc.
Precision Maintenance Services
PSI believes the key to providing Precision Maintenance Services is Quality Training. To accomplish this PSI has contracted with several nationally known companies over the past several years. NCCER: Standardized Craft Training, Crosby Communication Systems: Fundamentals of Rigging, Reliability Solutions: Multiple Field Preparation Courses, Essential Machine Assembly and Installation, Component Failure Identity and Control.
Knowledge and training are the foundation of a successful precision maintenance project. PSI’s award winning Safety Department provides additional assurance that our teams understand and practice all necessary safety guidelines. Our EMR as of January 2020 is .74 down from .79 last year. Our safety program has achieved numerous LWCC Safest 70 Awards
1. 	Process Pump replacements/New installations  2.	 Process Pump seal mechanical seal  changes 	 3.  All Motor changes/New installs  4.	 All types of Drive and Driven coupling changes 	 5.  Gearbox Change outs/New Installations 	 6.  Paper machine Felt Roll bearing changes 	 7.  Paper machine Dryer bearing changes 	 8.  Paper machine Dryer gear replacements 	 9.  Re-pulper complete change outs 	10. Re-pulper cutter head change outs 	11. Re-pulper inspections 	12. Agitator replacement        13.  Exhaust Fan replacements/New Install         14. Drag chain replacements        15.  Drive sprocket replacements       16.  Conveyor roller replacements 17.	Conveyor highfax or wearplate replacements 18.	Screw auger installs and rebuilds 19.	Roll wrapper installations 20.	Roll Up-ender installations 21.	Hydraulic cylinder changes/New installations 22.	Gas Compressor Installs 23.	Compressor Engine change outs 24.	Twin Roll Press Roll/seal changes 25.	Twin Roll Press complete rebuilds
Note* All Pump/Motor/Gearbox/ Bearings/Coupling changes are completed with precision SKF pullers, SKF bearing install kits, Bearing heaters using temp guns and Laser Alignments.
(Sample Services Provided By Our Non-Pulpmill Maintenance Division Are Listed Below)