Pulpmill Services, Inc.
Material Cutting Experts
60 Degree Beveling Capability Including producing parts with a true angle up to +/- 60° with continuous rotation. No re-positioning of the cutting head is required during the cut Stand Off Control By utilizing the Teach Probe feature in Softec™ software, map the material due to any material differences and map preformed Reduced Taper By using the Tru-CutŽ data base to determine the predicted taper at a given finish and dynamically compensating anywhere from 0 degrees to 60 degrees. If reduced taper is desired, the programmer simply chooses 0 degrees, resulting in the most accurate part in the industry.
The Region’s Only 5 Axis 10’ x 20’ Water Jet
Cuts ALL METALS, Ceramic, Laminate & Bullet Proof Glass, Stone, Etc.
Accuracy of Positioning: +/- .1 degree Accuracy of Motion(per axis): +/- .025mm (0.001”) Repeatability of Motion: +/-.015mm (0.0005”) Max. Cutting Speed: 25 m/min (1000 ipm)
Material Thickness: Up to 6”
10’ x 20’ High Definition Plasma
Hypertherm TrueHole Technology Carbon Steel Plasma Cutting to 3” (75mm) Non-Ferrous Plasma Cutting to 6” (150mm) Integrated Plasma Marking
Fast & Accurate Cutting